The Efficiency Office brings together a team with diverse expertise to work towards the common goal of improving public services. We also work with and through a variety of partners and support teams of Management Services Officers in a number of other bureaux and departments. Embracing the idea of collaborating and co-developing with partners, we hire professionals, usually as non-civil service contract staff, commission contractors and consultants, engage focus groups, as well as enroll and coach interns to carry out specific duties. Currently, we are also supporting and working with the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) Task Force in testing out social innovation as a new approach to tackle the problem of poverty and social exclusion.

The Internal Team

The Internal Team

Management Services Officers (MSOs) form the major component of our workforce. As management consultants, MSOs help bureaux and departments find opportunities for improvement and implement change. The scope of consultancy service covers business process re-engineering, organisational review, performance measurement, design thinking, knowledge management, shared services, public sector innovation, value for money studies, as well as feasibility studies.

The Administration Team underpins the work of the Efficiency Office through managing people, finance, IT and records as well as general administration. The team also provides secretarial and administrative support to the Secretariat to the SIE Fund Task Force set up under the Commission on Poverty.

We run a number of our own services for the public and for the Government – 1823; Youth Portal; support to Business Facilitation Advisory Committee and its task forces, Business Liaison Groups, 'Be the Smart Regulator' Programme; General Management Consultancy Services Portal - and we hire a variety of professionals from designers and multi-media producers to marketers and public engagement experts. We learn from their experience and draw on it for other areas of work when needed.

MSO Deployment Outside Efficiency Office

MSOs may be posted to work in different parts of the Government. They work in close partnership with colleagues of different grades in bureaux and departments in providing service in the areas of general consulting, resource management and other fields.

General Consulting

Conduct general consultancies (e.g. business process re-engineering studies, organisational reviews) on the services, operations or processes of the departments concerned.

Departments: Customs and Excise Department, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, Hong Kong Police Force, Housing Department, Judiciary, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Marine Department.

Resource Management

Provide resource management support, assessing proposals for manpower, financial and accommodation resources.

Bureaux/departments: Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, Government Property Agency, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, resources management units of various policy bureaux.

Other Fields

Take up a variety of roles in bureaux/departments, such as assisting in the implementation and daily management of information technology systems and equipment, assisting in stakeholder engagement and publicity of eHealth Record programme, etc.

Bureaux/departments: Department of Justice, Development Bureau, Food and Health Bureau, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer

The 1823 team

1823 provides round-the-clock contact centre service for the public by phone, e-mail, apps, web-services and other media, answering general public enquiries for over 20 departments and receiving complaints or reports from the public, directing them to the right agency for action and ensuring that response is made. Frontline customer service staff are backed by a team of technical professionals who assist in managing the information technology and telecommunication facilities as well as constantly updating the knowledge base that underpins the service.