MSOs are open-minded to a wide range of perspectives, ready to take on board new ideas and keen to explore unfamiliar territory.

The MSO team focuses on learning together with our clients and partners. We invite speakers from various professions and from around the world to seminars for colleagues of different policy bureaux and departments. Focus groups are held from time to time to listen to opinions from policy bureaux and departments. Views from service users and members of the public are gathered from various channels including on-line surveys, Facebook, interviews and commissioned studies.

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The Location: Impakt

Impakt is one of the biggest mixed martial arts (MMA) and fitness centers and one of the first in HK. Owner Pierre Alain Ngalani started learning Judo at the age of six, and extended to Karate, Savate, kickboxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Alain is a four-time Muay Thai world champion and is known as one of the fastest heavyweight fighters.