MSOs are professional practitioners following agreed disciplines to ensure quality and effectiveness, and maintaining integrity in all their dealings.

The team possesses extensive understanding of public policies, specialised knowledge of business processes and management and market intelligence on new technologies and practices. Between us we have broad contacts and linkages throughout the private sector and within the Government. Making the best out of these assets, we provide strategic and practical solutions to our clients as they seek to deliver people-based public services.

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The Location: Leung Choi Shun Medicine Co.

Founded in 1959, and known for its Chinese medical services for joint and bone, Leung Choi Shun Medicine Co. has served the community for over 50 years. Master Leung Hon Man is the 4th generation of his family in the company. After his graduation, he began his apprenticeship with his father Leung Tung Hoi, his elder brother and the old master physician, accumulating knowledge and experience since then.