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Related Sites

Governments worldwide are striving to improve public service through public sector reform and service innovations. Below are local and overseas examples of agencies working in this aspect.



Hong Kong: SERVICE EXCELLENCE GOV.HK, Civil Service Bureau

How the Hong Kong SAR Government and the civil service team are delivering excellent service to the people is illustrated by stories about departmental projects and civil servants from different grades and departments



Australia: Public Service Commission of New South Wales Government

It identifies reform opportunities for the government sector workforce and advises the government on policy innovations and strategies in those areas of reform.



Denmark: Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Interior

The responsibility of the Ministry includes public-private collaboration, management and quality improvement, and benchmarking / performance.



Denmark: MindLab

It is a collaborative venture by Danish government agencies for co-creating new solutions to address social issues. It is committed to offering advice to institutions both within and outside Denmark.



Germany: The Federal Ministry of the Interior

It drives an ongoing process of modernisation in public administration, open government and service efficiency



New Zealand: State Services Commission

Its role includes promoting the spirit of service, facilitating collaboration among service agencies, identifying and developing high-calibre leaders, giving advice on the design and capability of public services.



The United Kingdom: Cabinet Office – Efficiency and Reform Group

It works in partnership with HM Treasury and government departments. It aims to save public spending, transform the ways public services are delivered, improve user experience and support UK’s growth.



The United States: Office of Management and Budget

It oversees and coordinates the Federal procurement policy, performance and personnel management, information technology and financial management in order to improve service delivery.



Singapore: Public Service Division of the Prime Minister's Office

It champions changes in public service, promotes best practices, sets out policies to develop leadership in public service, as well as proposes solutions to long-term strategic issues.