To facilitate the implementation of pro-innovation government procurement policy and accelerating the use of innovation and technology (I&T) in improving public service delivery, we organise events such as trade show and solution day in collaboration with the I&T sector to help bureaux and departments (B/Ds) build awareness and knowledge of the latest technologies and innovations in the market.

The events engaged public officers of different B/Ds via programmes such as pitching sessions from I&T start-ups and companies with market ready I&T solutions, discussion panels and experience sharing sessions on ways to implement I&T solutions, as well as networking sessions between B/Ds representatives and the I&T exhibitors.

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To give recognition to B/Ds which are proactive in coming up with and implementing innovative measures and impactful technology solutions, and to encourage a wider adoption of I&T by B/Ds to improve government services, the I&T Awards are newly introduced under the Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme 2022 (“Award Scheme”) as an initiative of the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau. The I&T Awards comprise three award categories, namely Best Use of Technology, Best Citizen-centric Innovation, and Best Stakeholder Collaboration. We are working in collaboration with the Civil Service College, which spearheads the Award Scheme, to take forward the I&T Awards.

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Success story of I&T Adoption in the Government is :

The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Drone to support
External Wall Inspection for Government Buildings
Architectural Services Department (ArchSD)

Being responsible for providing preventive maintenance services for over 8,000 government buildings, ArchSD inspects the external walls of buildings for cracks and other defects. The work requires substantial manual efforts and consumes a lot of resources. For those tall buildings located in high building density area, the Department may need to set up scaffolds or use suspended working platforms to conduct close examination, which are costly and prone to safety risks for the staff working at height. In addition, the increasing number of aged government buildings puts pressure on ArchSD’s manpower.

ArchSD actively explores the use of innovation and technology to address the challenges, and has started a trial project on 15 selected government buildings with funding support from the TechConnect Block Vote.

A drone equipped with visible light and thermographic camera is deployed to capture the images of the external wall condition. The images are then automatically analysed by AI for defect identification. A web-based cloud platform is also developed to facilitate the staff in navigating the inspection findings on defects identified by AI intuitively for necessary follow-up repairs.

Use of technology enables ArchSD to better safeguard
building safety and public safety by improving inspection efficiency
and accuracy, and optimising departmental resources

With the adoption of new technologies, the cost for using scaffolds or suspended working platform can be saved and the concerns on staff’s occupational safety can be addressed. The use of AI has also enhanced the efficiency of defect identification with savings of approximately 2/3 of manpower and time throughout the process.

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