Launched in mid-2019, the ‘Streamlining of Government Services’ (SGS) Programme aims to improve government services involving applications and approvals through streamlining business processes and widening the adoption of technology on a continuous basis with a view to improving their convenience, efficiency and transparency. The programme was included as one of the initiatives in the 2020 Policy Address.

In 2021-22, 38 bureaux and departments have proposed a total of 84 streamlining measures under the SGS Programme, entailing 346 government services with an estimated total annual transaction volume of 4 million.

The streamlining measures under the SGS Programme will bring improvements around the following areas:

Streamlining Business Processes
Reducing Documentation Requirements
Improving Service Channels
Strengthening Communications

Most of the measures proposed in 2021-22 focused on improving service channels (77%), followed by streamlining business processes (21%), strengthening communications (19%) and reducing documentation requirements (14%) (Note). Of all the measures, 86% involves the adoption of technology.
(Note: Figures do not add up to 100% as one measure may contribute to one or multiple improvement areas.)

Benefits to both the government and the public entails:

Shortened processing time, reduced manpower efforts, reduced administrative costs, increased ease of accessibility, saved resources of applicants, higher customer satisfaction, improved transparency, greater public accountability

Most of the measures proposed by bureaux and departments are expected to bring service convenience (99%) to the public, followed by improved efficiency (70%) and transparency (17%) (Note).
(Note: Figures do not add up to 100% as one measure may contribute to one or multiple benefits.)

From 2019-20 to 2021-22, a total of 238 streamlining measures have been proposed by 39 bureaux and departments. Completed streamlining measures can be found below:


In collaboration with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation and the Cyberport, the Efficiency Office has identified a number of I&T solutions offered by technology ventures pertinent to the wider digitisation of government services. In this connection, a series of online business matching sessions customised for the needs of B/Ds under the SGS Programme were conducted in February and March 2022, attracting over 580 participants from 28 B/Ds joining the event to keep abreast of the latest I&T solutions in the market that may be adopted to enhance the delivery of public services.


To support bureaux and departments in accelerating the provision of e-services, the Efficiency Office, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, organised an I&T Solution Day on 31 March 2021. For more information about the event, please click here.

Examples of streamlining measures from bureaux and departments include:

MEASURE: Immigration Department – Application for HKSAR Passport


Immigration Department (ImmD) has introduced travel document submission kiosks at the Immigration Headquarters and immigration branch offices since May 2019. Citizens may submit their passport applications at the self-service kiosks equipped with functions of identity authentication, photo-taking, data entry and electronic payment without making a prior appointment.

In addition, citizens are no longer required to furnish supporting documents issued by ImmD in their applications for HKSAR passport as ImmD will verify the information on birth, marriage and adoption from its own records. This brings more convenience to citizens and at the same time, enhances the work efficiency in case assessment.

MEASURE: Hong Kong Housing Authority – Application for Subsidised Sale Flats Schemes


The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) has developed an electronic platform for receiving applications for various subsidised sale flats schemes, including the Home Ownership Scheme (HOS), White Form Secondary Market Scheme (WSM) and Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme since the second quarter of 2019. Citizens can submit applications via desktop and mobile devices, pay application fee online and receive acknowledgements by email. In addition, with streamlined business processes, white form applicants can concurrently apply for subsidised sale flats under the HOS and WSM using the same form while Green form applicants can indicate in the application form their consent to carry over their application information to the next subsidised sale flats exercise in case of unsuccessful application without having to submit an application again.

MEASURE: Food and Environmental Hygiene Department – Application for Temporary Storage Service for Cremains


The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) has simplified the application procedures for initial application, extending the period of temporary storage and retrieval of cremains. Applicants are no longer required to make payments in-person at Cemeteries and Crematoria (C&C) Offices and submit application forms for the latter two steps. Instead, an online channel has been introduced for applicants to make payment using credit card and PPS. For cremains retrieval, applicants only need to make an appointment by phone and bring along the required documents to relevant C&C Office on the appointed date.

MEASURE: Department of Health – Retrieval and printing of electronic vaccination records


The Department of Health (DH) has enhanced its computer system to allow one-stop retrieval and printing of electronic vaccination records under the Hong Kong Childhood Immunisation Programme (CIP)* by DH staff. The enhanced system offers a centralised web portal for retrieving complete vaccination records which is conducive to efficient prevention and control of infectious diseases. Applicants are no longer required to approach DH service units separately, i.e. Family Health Service, Student Health Service and the School Immunisation Teams, to obtain a complete set of CIP vaccination records.
*for vaccinations received from 2013 onwards