As organisations develop over time they tend to codify existing practices and acquire new responsibilities. External conditions change leading to changes in demand or changes in expectations about services that the organisation may not be well adapted to meet. Review of an organisation’s existing structure in the light of changes in its responsibilities and changing public demand can help –

  • ensure resources and management attention are focused on the real priorities;
  • create more efficient and effective customer service focused on understanding and meeting users' needs clearly and quickly;
  • support more effective operational processes by reducing organisational barriers;
  • enhance staff capacity by reducing layers of oversight and duplication of effort;
  • improve staff satisfaction by developing more rewarding roles;
  • create opportunities for the introduction of new equipment and technologies;
  • increase an organisation’s ability to respond to future changes; and
  • reduce costs.

Efficiency Office provides service to bureaux and departments by –

supporting Principal Officials in the reviews of policy bureaux and departments
reviewing the effectiveness of existing organisational structure, functions, roles and responsibilities in terms of performance against current objectives and in comparison with best practice
assisting in the design of new or revised organisational structures, functions, roles and responsibilities, making reference to best practice and models used by other governments and in the private sector
providing services or resources to support transition to the new or re-organised structure, including through specific projects and change management

Efficiency Office provides one-stop service of review, design and implementation facilitation, as illustrated in the case below.

PROJECT: Organisational Review on Marine Department

In mid-2013, we were commissioned by the Steering Committee on Systemic Reform of Marine Department (MD) to conduct an organisational review on MD. The review aimed to identify improvement areas and make recommendations to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of MD in discharging its core functions and responsibilities.

Phase I of the review covered licensing, certification and related regulatory work for local vessels. Recommendations were developed to improve the operational efficiency, internal communication and collaboration, as well as information transparency and accountability of sections involved.

Following the review, we set up a dedicated team to conduct organisational reviews in other business areas of MD, and to provide continuous support in the implementation of study recommendations and in change management.