General Management Consultancy Support

Social and economic development is leading to new needs and demands, and thus new expectations toward public service. Faced with these challenges, government bureaux and departments have been striving for continuous improvement in their operations and deliverables. In the process, external resources in the form of management consultancy service are sometimes drawn in.

We provide support and advice to government bureaux and departments with respect to the procurement of general management consultancy services. We also play the role of connecting the Government (users) and management consultancy firms (suppliers).

Government bureaux and departments can access detailed information on the registered general management consulting firms through the General Management Consultancy Services Portal at the Central Cyber Government Office (the Government Intranet Portal).

General management consulting firms can apply for registration in our register and provide up-to-date information on company profiles, service offerings, past experience and contact information.

For detailed information on the registered general management consultants, please visit the General Management Consultancy (GMC) Services Portal

The Efficiency Office’s support to Government bureaux and departments in respect of general management consultancy

We provide technical and administrative support to bureaux and departments on hiring and use of management consultants including advice on -

background, experience and areas of specialisation of the management consulting firms registered with Efficiency Office

preparation of consultancy briefs

assessment criteria and marking schemes

submissions to the Central Consultants Selection Board and departmental consultants selection committees

terms of consultancy agreement and negotiation brief

means of sourcing consultancy services

We also provide the following services:

  • maintaining a register of management consulting firms;
  • participating in selection and negotiation processes as a member of the assessment panel and the negotiation team; and
  • participating in project steering groups to monitor performance of the selected consultants.

For enquiries, please contact the Efficiency Office General Management Consultancy Services Team at 2165 7246 or 2165 7325.