Management Consultancy: Change Management

Management Consultancy: Change Management

Bureaux and departments (B/Ds) adopt innovation and technology, re-engineer their process, re-structure their organisation, etc. to improve service delivery. However, these actions alone may not be sufficient. It takes the staff affected to actually embrace and adopt the changes that are required for achieving the intended results and outcomes. It is critical that the people side of change is carefully and properly managed right from the beginning of a project.


Change management is a structured and systematic process to prepare, equip and support stakeholders of the change to transit from the current state to the new state.


We can help B/Ds develop a structured process to help their staff understand the need for change, co-design the detailed changes, and implement and adopt the changes. We can help B/Ds engage staff through the entire change process to foster their understanding and involvement. Where necessary, we can arrange or provide training and support to help staff in adjusting to the new practices and help reduce anxiety and stress that are brought about by change.

Management Consultancy: Change Management Key Visual

Enhance staff engagement

Foster understanding and involvement

Help adapt to new practices

Reduce anxiety and stress


Implementation of Central Electronic Recordkeeping System

Implementation of Central Electronic Recordkeeping System

With the implementation of the Central Electronic Recordkeeping System, B/Ds will transit from the long-standing paper-based recordkeeping system to the new mode of managing records electronically. This will fundamentally change the work of records management throughout the record life cycle, from creation, through storage and use, to disposal. We have established a dedicated team to help B/Ds manage the change. The team has developed a suite of practical tools to facilitate B/Ds' development of their change management programme. It conducts workshops and briefings to equip B/Ds’ change management teams with change management concepts and skills. It also runs experience-sharing sessions and provides ongoing advisory services.