The Government Youth Portal is a one-stop portal that provides online services for young people aged between 15 and 24. started service in 2007 and is administered by the Efficiency Office. The portal endeavours to link up with the young people by extending services to new platforms and exploring new opportunities.

Collaborating with more than 200 government agencies and related organisations, helps young people to find interesting events and useful information through a variety of media.

Youth Engagement in the Delivery of Youth Portal Services

To tap young people’s creative talents and to ensure our content meets their needs, we engage young people and collaborate with our stakeholders to co-create our content.

Project: Inno-Action! Seeds Project

We collaborated with the Academy of Film of the Hong Kong Baptist University to organise a series of workshops in the Academy’s studio for secondary school students. At the end of the workshops, the participants produced videos on various topics, which will enter into a competition and be uploaded online for public voting.

Project: Social Innovation Short Film Sponsorship Scheme

We collaborated with a youth organisation to engage young production teams to produce videos on social innovation initiatives. The videos were broadcasted on multiple platforms. Through this project, we nurtured the creative minds of young people and enhanced public awareness of social innovation to alleviate poverty and social exclusion.

Connect with Young People in Social Media and Multiple Platforms

Beyond the traditional website, the Youth Portal content is progressively being presented on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, to better connect with young people.

Use of Technology

Through the application of technology, will reach out to engage young people, and we are learning about technology and approaches that other departments will need to use to serve new generations of the public. is a secure and reliable polling and survey platform we developed to test a new tool to solicit feedback from our target communities on public services. This online platform has also supported an array of polling and survey exercises conducted by different bureaux/ departments. is well accepted by the community and has received a number of recognitions in recent years.