Business Facilitation: World Bank Group's Business Ready Project

Business Facilitation: World Bank Group's Business Ready project

We share with the trades latest updates of Business Ready project

Our Work

Our Work

The Efficiency Office is responsible for liaising with the World Bank Group in relation to the Business Ready (B-READY) project.

What is B-READY project?

What is B-READY project?

The World Bank Group’s B-READY project is a benchmarking exercise aiming to provide a quantitative assessment of the business environment for private sector development. Its report will be published annually and cover most economies worldwide. The assessment will cover ten assessment topics following the typical life cycle of a firm from opening, operating (or expanding), and closing (or reorganising) a business.

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Data Collection Approach

According to the project's Concept Note, the B-READY will make use of two main data collection approaches, namely, expert consultations and firm-level surveys by engaging market research firms or similar service providers. Expert consultations refer to the collection of de jure and de facto data from experts who regularly deal with the relevant legal arrangements, public services, and institutions providing those services. Expert respondents will be identified through different networks including World Bank Country Offices, referrals by professional bodies and peer referrals. Firm-level surveys refer to the collection of de facto data from top managers and business owners of firms drawn from a representative sampling frame of operating establishments in an economy.

Expert Consultations

Firm-level Surveys

Hong Kong’s participation in the B-READY project

Hong Kong’s participation in the B-READY project

Hong Kong is placed on the list of economies to participate in the first edition of the new report.

We earnestly invite the trades to participate in the B-READY data collection exercise if invited by the World Bank Group. Since the report findings will have a direct bearing on Hong Kong’s image as the ideal place for business and investment, the trades’ feedback is of paramount importance. It helps provide the World Bank Group with first-hand market knowledge for understanding the actual situation of Hong Kong, and for reflecting Hong Kong’s competitive edges in the international arena. To view the supporting letter for the Enterprise Survey, please click here .

Hong Kong’s digital government services that facilitate trade

Hong Kong’s digital public services that facilitate trade

There are a number of digital public services to facilitate trade in Hong Kong. To know more about the details, please click here   .

Trade representatives are welcome to contact the Business Facilitation Team of the Efficiency Office (Tel: 2165 7371 and email: for any enquiries on the B-READY.

Note: The project was temporarily named by the World Bank Group with the working title of Business Enabling Environment (BEE).