Access to Information

Access to Information

Code on Access to Information

The Government exists to serve the community well within available resources. To this end, it recognises the need for the community to be well informed about the Government, the services it provides and the basis for policies and decisions that affect individuals and the community as a whole.


The Code on Access to Information (the Code) defines the scope of information that will be provided, sets out how the information will be made available either routinely or in response to a request, and lays down procedures governing its prompt release.


The Code authorises and requires civil servants, routinely or on request, to provide information unless there are specific reasons for not doing so. These reasons are set out in Part 2 and will normally be referred to if a request for information is refused.


Requests for information will be handled as promptly and helpfully as possible and if necessary, members of the public may be approached to clarify their requests or the requests may be directed to the most appropriate department. Procedures will be kept as simple as possible.


The Code also sets out procedures for review or complaint if a member of the public considers that the provisions of the Code have not been properly applied.


The Code can be accessed at



Procedures and Charges

Requests for information or records held by the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau may be made by letter or application form. The application should be addressed to Access to Information Officer, Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau :


20/F, West Wing,

Central Government Offices,

2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar,

Hong Kong



Fax: (852) 2702 6036


Click here to download Application Form (PDF format)


The standard photocopying charge is $1.3 per copy (A4 size) and $1.5 per copy (A3 size) unless otherwise provided by enactment or approved by the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury.


[The above charge is subject to revision from time to time]



List of Records by Category

Efficiency Office


  • Consultancy Studies
    • Management review
    • Organisation re-structuring
    • Operations review
    • Strategic planning
    • Customer Management Assessment
    • Private Sector Involvement
    • Business Process Re‑engineering
    • Enterprise Information Management Strategy
    • Post-Implementation Review
  • IT Project Implementation
    • Service wide
    • Single department
    • Multiple departments
  • On-going Programmes
    • 1823
    • Register of General Management Consultants
    • Electronic Recordkeeping System
    • Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development
    • Bar-coding File Management Systems
    • Advisory services and supports
  • Research, Training and Development
    • Publications
    • Seminars
    • Surveys
    • Training
  • Financial management
    • Estimates of expenditure
    • Resource Allocation Exercise
    • Stores and equipment
  • General Administration
    • Office accommodation
    • Records management
    • Delegation of authorities
    • Circulars, regulations and government publications
  • Human Resources Management
    • Organisation and establishment
    • Recruitment and appointment
    • Staff training
    • Staff welfare and related matters