Scope of Services and Application Procedures for One Stop Centre (OSC) for Warehouse Construction Permits

Scope of Services

OSC handles related applications for building a two-storey warehouse under two stages –

Pre-construction stage:

OSC will receive from an applicant their applications for approval of plans, consent for commencement of works, excavation permit, technical audit for water supply connection works, and issue of water supply certificate. The relevant departments would follow up with the subsequent processing work. OSC will monitor the progress of each application.

Post-construction stage:

After the completion of the construction work, the applicant can submit all relevant applications/notifications for issuance of approvals and permits together with their applications to the electricity and telecommunication companies in one go to OSC. OSC will refer the applications to relevant parties for processing. A joint inspection by all departments can be organised by OSC at the request of the applicant.

To support OSC, Buildings Department has formulated new procedures to allow for concurrent applications for approval of plans and consent to commencement of building works for two-storey warehouses fulfilling specified criteria. For details, please refer to the Practice Note for Authorised Persons and Registered Structural Engineers ADM-19 (Previous reference PNAP 272).

Remark: OSC is an additional alternative arrangement to existing processes. Applicants, if they prefer, can follow the existing procedures of submitting applications and applying for inspections with individual departments. For instance, the centralised processing system as specified in the Practice Note for Authorised Persons and Registered Structural Engineers ADM-2 (Previous reference PNAP 30) remains effective.

Application Procedures

Applicants should refer to the following procedures in submitting their applications and documents to OSC –

For enquiry, please contact Efficiency Office officers at 2165 7246 or 2165 7325 from Monday to Friday (except public holidays) from 8:45 am to 6:00 pm, or email to